Monday, 22 December 2014

Surprise GOOSE at Mai Po

Sunday 21/12/2014

A Smew turned up yesterday after the cold front at pond 7 in Mai Po, a boogie bird that have eluded me for quite some time. They never seem to stay long enough for me to see.

Headed straight to Mai Po in the afternoon with my Mum & Dad, I had this gut feeling as I walked along the fenced road that I WON'T see the Smew today. Unfortunately, I was correct. It was no show at pond 7! Gutted...

However, as we approached pond 20, a group of birders were gathered along the pond. Surprise surprise, a Greylag Goose arrived in the morning! Supposedly the 7th record in Hong Kong. This species have only appeared twice in my birdwatching lifetime; four times before 1997, and twice after that, all from Deep Bay area. The bird did not stay long for the previous two times either, so I am glad we caught up with this one, it's really hard to miss standing amongst the ducks.

                               Greylag Goose

Other common species from today:

                               Tufted Duck

                               Common Kingfisher

                               Great Cormorant

                               Black-faced Spoonbill

                               Pied Avocet

Let's hope the Smew will reappear during Christmas break...

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