Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Double Ticks!!!


Last day of 2014, might as well make the best of my holidays. I decided to try my luck again with the Brown-chested Jungle Flycathcer at Wo Chai Shan in the morning, it turns out I was looking for it at the WRONG side of the was closer to Tai Hang Recreational Grounds. Arrived at the scene and already a hoard of photographers were stationed at a platform over looking an area of scrubs and woods.

The one and a half hour I waited there was not pleasant...I dare say my worst birding experience ever. With photographers constantly talking so loudly that I am sure people from the sports field could hear them! And the things they talk about, surely you would think a person interested enough to take photographs of birds would have a bit more environmental awareness. Its so sad to see people with so little respect and love for nature, while themselves is "enjoying" nature. It's difficult to say whether they actually enjoy it but its clear they were only there for the thrill of bird photography, not for the actual birds and least for the welfare of the birds.

The Flycatcher did not appear until a very long wait; which I suspect have something to do with a few of those photographers talking extremely loudly while constantly tried to clear the few branches that was blocking their shot. Anyhow, the photographers did get some pretty good shots. I left the spot after a while and waited below the platform where the view was terrible but at least I was away from the noise. In the end the bird did appear and I took my record shot, took a good look through my bins and off I went. I did not want to stay any longer then I need. All in all, a traumatising birding experience for me.

Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher (record shot)

Received a text from Michelle in the morning stating that the Smew in Mai Po was there again yesterday back at Pond 7! I know this will be the best chance for me to finally nail this bogie bird.

Hurried to Pond 7 along the fenced road; it was not there. My heart sank slightly, knowing this again maybe a missed chance for me. I quickly scanned the Tufted Ducks on Pond 8, and suddenly it surfaced! Paddling along with the Tufties! I got my scopes on the bird and enjoyed the bird for a good 20 minutes. It later flew back to Pond 7, again hanging close to the Tufties.


After satisfied scope views of the Smew, I moved on to bird house 5 where the Northern Lapwing's been hanging out. I was not disappointed, a quick scan revealed the bird's location. I remember seeing hundreds of them in the UK, here in Hong Kong it's a scarce winter visitor.

Northern Lapwing

Hopefully 2015 will be an even better year.

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