Sunday, 28 December 2014

Good to know the way


I was having trouble finding the area of fishponds near Mai Po, we call it "Wing Ba", you go in from a small road going into the cargo holding garages. I have been there a few times during Bird Races however for some reason I could not locate that little road again...I went into the right junction but I just couldn't find the little road leading into the fishponds.

Good thing my Dad was with me today, and he pointed out that little road to me. It was literally right next to the main entrance to the garages, hidden amongst tall grass it was not the easiest of little roads to spot...Once you gone past the garages the area opens up to a whole different world.

World of Starlings and Doves. The main attraction here will be Red Turtle Doves, a bird not easy to find in Hong Kong but is relatively easy to find here. You normally find them sitting amongst few dozens of Oriental Turtle Doves. Here we got a few sitting on a tree amongst White-shouldered Starlings and a Common Myna.

Red Turtle Doves, White-shouldered Starlings and a Common Myna

Another "good" sighting was a Black Drongo. Mainly a common summer visitor in Hong Kong, it's scarce in the winter. A few do winter in Hong Kong.

Black Drongo

Well, at least I know where to look next time.

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