Saturday, 20 December 2014

Mai Po in the drizzle

Friday 19/12/2014

North east winds have brought in colder weather, we saw a few degrees drop in air temperature today. Also, a bit of drizzle.

I spent the afternoon in Mai Po, despite the drizzle I got a Black-winged Kite at access road hunting. It hovered like a Kestrel, then dived towards some tall grass, when it came up it already caught what looks to be a Plain Prinia. Amazing precision and timing! it allowed great views from the car before flying off.

                               Black-winged Kite

A confiding Asian Brown showed along the path towards Deep Bay floating bridge. Cute.

                               Asian Brown Flycatcher

The tide was suppose to be at around 2.0m at around 5:30pm, but it was way lower then predicted. So, there was nothing to be excited about. Got some good views of Temmink's Stints and Common Sandpipers, Temmink's are somtimes called amongst birders "miniature Common Sandpipers", you kind of see the resemblance...?

                               Temmink's Stint

                               Common Sandpiper

The usual Grey Plovers in dull winter plumage.

                               Grey Plover

White-throated Kingfishers patrols the mudflat for mudskippers, never get bored of these beauties.

                            White-throated Kingfisher

Finally, a Black Kite taking up the usual post where the Peregrine perch. It was feasting on a dead fish at one point, a Great Egret kept pondering whether it should give the Kite a go but decided to chicken out in the end.

                               Black Kite

Suppose the weather will clear tomorrow, new birds?

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