Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Deep Bay Spectacle


It's been a while since I encountered a good tide at Deep Bay, where the birds come right up close to the hide and thousands of birds take flight right in front of you. I miss that.

Mai Po was rather quiet today, a Pale Martin was seen at Access Road but as I was getting out of the car to take a photo the bird flew! Only a Red-rumped Swallow remains...a good winter record none the less.

Red-rumped Swallow

A co-operative Common Kingfisher outside AFCD office.

Common Kingfisher

The unusual sighting was a single Grey Treepie that was on the pine trees near tower hide! I didn't expect that here.

Grey Treepie

Saw quite a few Imperial Eagles today, the hot air current must be good for them to soar. This juvenile tried to mingle with some Black Kites but was soon chased away.

Imperial Eagle

An Eastern Marsh Harrier was active around pond 20.

Eastern Marsh Harrier

Cormorants were numerous as usual...

Great Cormorant

A pair of White-cheeked Starlings made an appearance on a bare tree around pond 20.

White-cheeked Starling

The tide was not particularly high today, but with very strong NW winds the water was literally blown ashore. So, the birds were a bit closer today. Mainly Curlews and Grey Plovers. The Curlews gave some good opportunity for some flight shots.


Grey Plover

A Chinese Pond Heron was right up by the hide.

Chinese Pond Heron

The birds gave a spectacle as the sun sets! Always nice to see.

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