Saturday, 2 May 2015

Jewels in the Park - Emerald Dove and Blue Whistling Thrush

Emerald Dove is one of the prettiest resident dove species you can find in Hong Kong, unlike other species, they prefer secondary forest floors. They have iridescent green wing feathers, hence they're named Emerald. They can be quite skittish and are not easy to see in dense undergrowth. Emerald Dove have a very large range through out South East Asia. There is a good stakeout for this species in Hong Kong, Central Kwai Chung Park have been the most steady site to see this species. Today, I saw two, an adult with a juvenile, however the adult was a lot more alert and took off very quickly once it saw me. The juvenile stayed a bit longer, probably have yet to recognise men as a possible threat.

Emerald Dove

Not far off another jewel of a different colour was busy feeding it's two fledglings. The Blue Whistling Thrush is a common species in Hong Kong, but can sometimes be a bit difficult to see well. Unlike the adult the juvenile does not have any spots. You can often see them fanning their tails next to gullies or streams. Though I regularly see them, I don't always have my camera with me, it's nice to be able to observe this beautiful species at such close range.

Blue Whistling Thrush (Adult) - with iridescent spots.

Blue Whistling Thrush (Juvenile) - they don't carry any spots.

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