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Guided Birding

Birding spectacle at Deep Bay is a highlight for any visiting birder to Hong Kong

Although Hong Kong is relatively small, the amount of birds and birding sites can be equally diverse, spending at least one or two full days will allow a more complete birding experience. Visiting the three prime sites of Mai Po, Long Valley and Tai Po Kau should yield a good selection of species, however many potentially exciting species are found outside of these sites, we will be able to go off to some less traveled birding locations during the day.

Hong Kong is one of the few global stronghold for the rare Chinese Grassbird

Itinerary may differ throughout the seasons, each guided birding tour is exclusive and modified based on birds movements and availability at the time.

The endangered Black-faced Spoonbill is common in the winter months

You will need moderate physical fitness for a full day of birding, there will be a bit of walking involved, which will mostly be fairly flat footpaths with the exception of Tai Po Kau where there will be some hilly terrain.

Visiting Mai Po -

A permit must be obtained for visitors to visit Mai Po Nature Reserve, this can be applied through Hong Kong WWF's website. Please download the  "Solo Walk for Overseas Naturalists" form.

Transportation -

We will be travelling by private vehicle throughout the day. Pickup and drop off will be organised upon request.

Food & Drinks -

We will have lunch at wherever most convenient, usually at local restaurants (Cha Chaan Teng) that serves authentic Hong Kong style food. Light snacks will be available during the day. Please inform for any specialised food preference or needs when booking.

Group Size -

We take a maximum of four people per tour.

Pricing -

Please email for pricing details.

*All prices includes transportation and guiding fees. Lunch or other forms of entrance fees (if any) not included. Please note that an extra 200HKD will be charged for pickup and drop off in Hong Kong Island.

Educational Birding / Nature Experience Tours

Birdwatching is an activity that can be experienced and enjoyed by everyone. Hong Kong is a perfect place to introduce birding as there are always something to see no matter what season. During winter we can visit places like Nam Sang Wai or Tsim Bei Tsui to look for many of our wintering waders. In Spring and Autumn a visit to Long Valley can be rewarded with passing migrants. And in Summer a visit to Tap Mun can bring you close views of feeding Terns that breeds on offshore islands in Hong Kong. Group tours to different habitats and locations can be arranged upon request.

Birding is only one way to get closer to nature. In Hong Kong we are blessed with having a wide range of habitats that holds many interesting creatures, many of which are unique to Hong Kong and the surrounding areas of Guangdong. You will be surprised by the numbers of native fish that swims in our streams, and the many amphibians and reptiles that you may encounter on a night walk in Tai Po Kau. The best way to raise awareness in conservation of these amazing creatures are by showing them to people, and letting them know that other animals depend on the environment around us to survive.

The near endemic Hong Kong Newt can be regularly found at Tai Po Kau

The endemic Romer's Treefrog restricted only to a few offshore islands and Tai Po Kau.

Pond dipping can be a good way to understand our stream ecosystem

Night walks are great ways to explore hidden nocturnal wildlife

For walking tours we take a maximum of 15 people to ensure everyone get the best possible experience. Locations of tours may differ due to seasonal changes. Please enquire for more information about nature tours.

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