Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Birds of Sepilok - Video Footages

I don't usually take video footages when I am out birding, but since I brought along my tripod to Sepilok with me, it seems silly to waste the effort, so I took some videos while I was at it. Nothing very professional, but more of a reminder of the sight and sound experienced within the rainforest of Sepilok.


  1. Wonderful. Nice video, good variety with a few endemic.
    I should take the next flight to Sabah too.

  2. A bit of sound can really bring the forest images to life....

    Too often I forget the video function, and I don't know how to edit the stuff anyway...any advice on software for this ?

    1. Yes, I do too! I rarely take videos, partly because I usually don't carry my tripod with me. I also find it a lot more challenging as you need less then 10 seconds to take a good photo but you will need at least 30 seconds of good footage for it to be of any use. iMovie that comes default with all macintosh is a good place to start, its the easiest to use and for basic editing it's fine, I did this video with iMovie in just under 2 hours. For more professional editing, I think Adobe Premiere Pro is hard to beat, the other option is Final Cut by apple.