Monday 25 September 2023

Sabah - September 2023 : Part 4

Day 8 - Sukau > Sepilok

Our last morning at Sukau was spent trying to clean up on several species we missed the previous day. We were up and out again on the river by 6am, it was a slightly misty morning. Slender-billed Crows are very common along the river, we often see them flying around, a few were perched high up preening. Another black bird perched high up caught my attention, which turns out to be a Bornean Black Magpie.

Beautiful morning mist on Kinabatangan

Slender-billed Crow

Bornean Black Magpie

The usual sight of Hornbills flying across the river is something you get used to quickly here on the Kinabatangan, however, you still marvel at their beauty as you see them gliding along every time.

Black Honrbill - male

We returned to the stretch of river where we saw our Bornean Ground Cuckoo, none was calling this morning, we were first greeted by a few Long-tailed Macaques.

Long-tailed Macaque

Liew stated this area is quite good for Great Slaty Woodpecker in the morning, and he was right! As we added a pair of these huge woodpeckers, a species I've always taken a great liking to due to their almost prehistoric looks.

Great Slaty Woodpecker - male

Great Slaty Woodpecker - pair duetting

Nearby, Common Hill Mynas were seen, and Liew found us two Hooded Pittas, while both found well hidden behind leaves, did gave excellent flight views for everyone. We even added a surprising Bornean Crested Fireback as it flew across the river! Unfortunately, only me and Liew saw this.

Common Hill Myna

Hooded Pitta

Back to the main river, we added a very distant Wrinkled Hornbill flying past, as well as a pair of Rhinoceros Hornbill which gave great flight views. And this completes our quest for all 8 species of Hornbills in Borneo!

Rhinoceros Hornbill

A trio of White-crowned Hornbill came through and also gave incredible views, especially the male which seems especially showy this morning.

White-crowned Hornbill - male

Last birds we added was a distant Crested Goshawk, a flyby Striated Heron and a Lesser Adjutant perched on top of the tree.

Crested Goshawk

Striated Heron

Lesser Adjutant

With that, we said goodbye to Janu and departed from the lodge. As my second time here on the Kinabatangan, it was a pleasure to return to this amazing location, and it is an area I no doubt will return time and time again in the future!

This was our last part of the journey with Liew, he was finally able to fly back to Kuala Lumpur to get a little rest first before his next tour the day after. He drove us all the way to Sepilok, where he dropped us off at the Sepilok Jungle Resort, and we said our goodbyes, but I am certain we will be meeting again in the near future for more birding in Malaysia.

Sepilok Jungle Resort is a familiar place to me, as this was my third time staying here, and I've enjoyed it every single time! Jason was kind enough to host us last time and showed us all around Sepilok to look for various birds and wildlife, so naturally we were looking forward meeting again. We sat down at the restaurant for lunch, the balcony overlooks the little lake, with Crimson Sunbirds coming to feed on the flowers.

View from the restaurant

Crimson Sunbird - male

As Jason was still out running errands in Sandakan, Robert; the in-house cook and bird guide agreed to take us around to RDC for an afternoon stroll first. Our target was of course the Bornean Bristlehead, which apparently been seen quite frequently lately. The fabulous canopy walkway here is famous for being one of the best places in the world to see Bornean Bristlehead, and in fact all canopy dwelling species. The walkway is now completed, and you can now walk all the way from Bristlehead Tower to Hornbill Tower uninterrupted!

New section of the canopy walkway

Our very first bird here were a few Green Ioras, followed closely by a pair of confiding Brown-throated Sunbirds, both very common species here at Sepilok.

Green Iora

Brown-throated Sunbird - female

Brown-throated Sunbird - male

Black-and-Yellow Broadbills were added shortly after, a species best observed here on the canopy walkway. We got to Hornbill Tower and I noticed a small brown flycatcher, which turns out to be a Brown-streaked Flycatcher! Some treat the Bornean subspecies as Umber Flycatcher, with darker underparts and a longer tail. We also found a juvenile together with this adult, which indicates they were breeding here.

Black-and-Yellow Broadbill

Brown-streaked Flycatcher - adult

Brown-streaked Flycatcher - juvenile

On top of the Hornbill Tower we observed several birds coming to a water filled tree hole to bathe, including a Black-and-Yellow Broadbill and a few Plain Sunbirds. A Bartlett’s Flying Dragon climbed around as bird activity slowed.

Black-and-Yellow Broadbill

Plain Sunbird

Bartlett's Flying Dragon

Jason managed to join us at RDC, and met up on the Hornbill Tower. We noticed some commotion in the trees below, they were obviously primates, I first thought they maybe Silver Langurs, but on closer inspection I realized they were in fact North Bornean Grey Gibbons! While I have heard them here at Sepilok, I've never actually seen them here, so it was quite the surprise! They didn't really give us any good views before disappearing into the forest, but it was an observation we were all very happy about.

North Bornean Grey Gibbon

With not much bird activity up above, and no Bristlehead calling, we moved down to the trails to try our luck, where a Grey-cheeked Bulbul made an appearance briefly. We decided to head towards Pitta Trail to look for the Black-crowned Pitta, which Captain much need. With a little patience, a fine looking individual came out in full glory! Though I have seen this species many times before, its colours never cease to amaze me.

Grey-cheeked Bulbul

Black-crowned Pitta - can't get enough of this species!

Our final bird added was a Thick-billed Flowerpecker near the entrance of RDC, which is actually quite a good bird, as it is considered quite uncommon in Borneo in general, and definitely a first for me here.

Thick-billed Flowerpcker

That evening, we took a short stroll around the resort ground, mainly for frogs. There were a few Harlequin Flying Frogs as well as Borneo White-lipped Frogs, Asian Common Toads were also seen. Our walk was cut short by a torrential downpour.

Harlequin Flying Frog

White-lipped Frog

Asian Common Toad

Day 9 - Sepilok

As they say the Bornean Bristlehead is best looked for in the early hours of the day, we decided to head into RDC early. You now have to buy the ticket the day before if you wish to enter RDC before official opening hours, and show your ticket to the security at the entrance for them to grant you access. Those found without a ticket may be black listed, so be warned! We headed straight back up to the canopy walkway, listening out for any calls of the Bristlehead. One of our first bird was a Rufous-winged Philentoma.

Rufous-winged Philentoma

RDC is one of the best place in Sabah to photograph many species of woodpeckers, we started off the day well with a nice looking Maroon Woodpecker, a pair of White-bellied Woodpeckers also made their round around the walkway, giving excellent views.

Maroon Woodpecker

White-bellied Woodpecker - male

Some smaller birds turns out to be Red-throated Sunbirds, soon followed by a Cream-eyed Bulbul, an uncommon species only described in 2019, of which I have seen here on three occasions in the past. A Thick-billed Spiderhunter and several Ruby-cheeked Sunbirds also made an appearance. We kept our ears open for the unique whistling of Bornean Bristlehead, at around 8am we finally heard them calling, but from quite far away. We waited and waited but they never came any closer, after about 20 minutes they all went silent again.

Red-throated Sunbird - male

Cream-eyed Bulbul

Thick-billed Spiderhunter

Ruby-cheeked Sunbird - male

A mixed flock came through, including a pair of Raffle's Malkoha, which gave the best view I've had of this species to date. A Lesser Cuckooshrike as well as several Lesser Green Leafbirds were seen amongst the other species.

Raffle's Malkoha - female

Lesser Cuckooshrike - female

Lesser Green Leafbird - male

Two more woodpecker species were added, including a very tame Crimson-winged Woodpeckers, which showed exceptionally well for over half an hour! Plus a Banded Woodpecker which also came through briefly.

Crimson-winged Woodpecker - female

Banded Woodpecker

Up above, two Rufous-bellied Eagles came by, an adult with a juvenile. I seem to see this species every-time I visit Sepilok.

Rufous-bellied Eagle

Having no success with the Bristleheads, we moved down to the Kingfisher trail, hoping to have more luck with other birds. Here we added Streaked Bulbuls, and two Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher; a juvenile and an adult.

Streaked Bulbul

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher - juvenile

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher

Other than birds, a large Water Monitor gave Captain quite the scare as it ran out from the undergrowth! The only other notable wildlife we added as the temperature rose was a Cream-coloured Giant Squirrel.

Water Monitor

Cream-coloured Giant Squirrel

After lunch, Jason found me a Keel-bellied Whip Snake, which is also known as the Red Whip Snake. This little guy was found right next to the restaurant, I managed to get it down from the tree and had a brief photo session with it before letting it go back onto the same tree we found it. An absolutely beautiful species that is also very docile and great fun to photograph.

Keel-bellied Whip Snake

Everyone got a bit of rest around midday before we headed back out to RDC at 3pm. Hoiling and I saw a flock of Brown Barbets as we walked to the restaurant to meet the others. We once again tried our luck at the canopy walkway, but the Bristleheads never called again. We were rewarded with extremely close views of a Banded Woodpecker together with a Chestnut-breasted Malkoha.

Brown Barbet

Banded Woodpecker

Chestnut-breasted Malkoha

Things were quite slow, with not a lot of birds around, Black-and-Yellow Broadbills kept us entertained, they were literally within an arm's length next to the walkway.

Black-and-Yellow Broadbill

A juvenile Wallace's Hawk Eagle was seen at its nest, it was feeding on some kind of small mammal, which I believe maybe a squirrel of some sort.

Wallace's Hawk Eagle - juvenile

We decided to join to night walk arranged by the RDC rangers, you can pre-book at the ticket office, and it is advised that you do that a day before, as these tours can be of high demand, which costs 30RM per person. If you are willing to pay a little extra, you can opt for the private tour, which will increase your chances to get a better photograph of some of these animals. Our guide was Gwel, who was excellent. We first met on the canopy walkway and looked at the famous Red Giant Flying Squirrel, one even had a GPS tracker around its neck!

Red Giant Flying Squirrel

A Bornean Keeled Green Viper was our first animal of the night, a pleasure to see this beautiful species always. Gwel led us into the Pitta Trail, where we saw two sleeping Black-crowned Pittas! 

Bornean Keeled Green Viper

Black-crowned Pitta

Further on, we added a Borneo Forest Dragon, a Rough Mabuya, and a Sabah Lowland Bent-toed Gecko, which ran down the tree trunk before I could get a decent photo. A tiny frog in form of a Microhyla was seen, which maybe Microhyla nepenthicola. 

Borneo Forest Dragon

Rough Mabuya

Sabah Lowland Bent-toed Gecko

Microhyla nepenthicola

The best find of the night walk was no doubt a Western Tarsier! This was my second encounter with these tiny primates, and what great views we had! Flash photography is prohibited during the night walk, and for good reasons, luckily we now live in an incredible era where cameras can take perfectly sharp images even in very dark conditions. I cranked my camera up to ISO 12800 for these shots, even when the shutter is at 1/80, the IBIS and the lens IS did their job well enough to keep the image steady, which resulted with a few images I was happy with. The Tarsier soon jumped off and we left it to continue searching for food uninterrupted.

Western Tarsier - Top mammal of the trip!

During dinner at the resort, Jason gave me one last surprise, as his worker found a wild turtle at the back of their resort! It took us a while to figure out what species it was, in the end we decided Spiny Terrapin was probably the most logical species that fits both the carapace and other features. Like many Asian turtles, this species is listed as Endangered, due to the pet trade, food trade as well as habitat loss throughout much of its range. So, it was definitely a privilege to see a wild one up close.

Spiny Terrapin

Day 10 - Sepilok > Hong Kong

For our very last morning, we only had a little over an hour to spare. We decided not to head into RDC and stayed within the resort grounds for some birding, heavy rain during the early hours delayed that even further and we weren't out walking until well past 7am. We decided to head to the Black-throated Wren-Babbler hide at the back of the resort to try our luck, this species is known to be a tough bird to see, while I have seen one in Danum Valley years ago, I never got a chance to photograph it. That being said, we knew the chances of us seeing this bird in such short period of time is highly unlikely.

Unfortunately, I was right, despite having heard the target nearby, it never came to the feeding station. The only bird we added there were a pair of Black-capped Babblers and a few Yellow-bellied Bulbul, the latter a new addition to our trip list. We waited a for 45 minutes and decided it was just not our time to see the Wren-Babbler.

Black-capped Babbler

Yellow-bellied Bulbul

Jason was kind enough to drive us all to the airport, and we bid our farewell. Hopefully, it won't be too long before I will return here once again.

In just 10 days we recorded 224 species, a decent number given the short time. Despite not having satisfactory views of a few targets such as Bornean Bristlehead, Whitehead's Spiderhunter and Black-throated Wren-Babbler, we were able to at least hear their distinctive calls clearly. The only real target that we truly dipped completely was the Bulwer's Pheasant, while unfortunate, was kind of out of our control! In hindsight it might have been better to just give it up on the first day and focus on adding a few more species at Mt Trusmadi on the second day, but then again, that's how birding is sometimes! 

While we did not get a lot of time at each site, we were able to get some good quality birds, and views of many major targets were very good or excellent, including insanely good views of Fruit-hunters and Bornean Ground Cuckoos! All these incredible species that surely made this trip one to remember.

I would like to give a huge thanks to Liew, who is an incredible tour leader and bird guide, and have so much knowledge of the birds in Malaysia, without whom I am sure we will miss a lot of key species! I would also like to express my thanks to Jason who is always so friendly to us whenever we visited, and go out of his way to make our stay more enjoyable. Robert who is always happy to guide us at RDC and able to find a few good birds for us. You can count on me to be visiting Borneo again in the near future.

Species NameScientific NameLocationRemarks
1Crested PartridgeRollulus rouloulMt TrusmadiA few males at bird hide
2Red-breasted PartridgeArborophila hyperythraGunung AlabUp to 6 birds at Gunung Alab substation
3Bornean Crested FirebackLophura ignitaSukauOne male flying across in Sukau
4Great ArgusArgusianus argusMt TrusmadiOne male seen in bird hide
5Sabah PartridgeTropicoperdix graydoniSukau
6Crimson-headed PartridgeHaematortyx sanguinicepsGunung AlabOne male at bird hide
7Rock DoveColumba livia
8Spotted DoveSpilopelia chinensis
9Little Cuckoo-DoveMacropygia ruficepsMt Kinabalu
10Asian Emerald DoveChalcophaps indica
11Zebra DoveGeopelia striata
12Little Green-PigeonTreron olaxSukau, Sepilok
13Pink-necked Green-PigeonTreron vernans
14Thick-billed Green-PigeonTreron curvirostraKlias
15Green Imperial-PigeonDucula aeneaKlias, Tanjung Aru, Sukau
16Mountain Imperial-PigeonDucula badiaMt Kinabalu
17Bornean Ground-CuckooCarpococcyx radiceusSukauTwo seen well at Sukau
18Greater CoucalCentropus sinensis
19Raffles's MalkohaRhinortha chlorophaea
20Chestnut-breasted MalkohaPhaenicophaeus curvirostrisSepilok
21Chestnut-bellied MalkohaPhaenicophaeus sumatranusKliasUp to 3 seen briefly
22Violet CuckooChrysococcyx xanthorhynchusSukau, Sepilok
23Plaintive CuckooCacomantis merulinus
24Malaysian Hawk-CuckooHierococcyx fugaxMt TrusmadiOne at bird hide
25Large FrogmouthBatrachostomus auritusSukauAt least 2 birds behind lodge
26Blyth's FrogmouthBatrachostomus affinisMt TrusmadiHeard
27Bornean SwiftletCollocalia dodgeiGunung AlabAt restaurant near Gunung Alab
28Plume-toed SwiftletCollocalia affinis
29White-nest SwiftletAerodramus fuciphagus
30House SwiftApus nipalensis
31Grey-rumped TreeswiftHemiprocne longipennisKlias
32White-breasted WaterhenAmaurornis phoenicurus
33Common SandpiperActitis hypoleucos
34Wood SandpiperTringa glareola
35Whiskered TernChlidonias hybrida
36Storm's StorkCiconia stormiSukauA few seen in Sukau
37Lesser AdjutantLeptoptilos javanicusSukau2 birds seen in Sukau
38Oriental DarterAnhinga melanogasterSukau
39Purple HeronArdea purpureaSukau
40Great White EgretArdea alba
41Intermediate EgretArdea intermedia
42Little EgretEgretta garzetta
43Cattle EgretBubulcus ibis
44Striated HeronButorides striataSukau
45Black-crowned Night-HeronNycticorax nycticoraxSukau
46Nankeen Night-HeronNycticorax caledonicusKota Kinabalu suburb
47Black-winged KiteElanus caeruleus
48Crested Serpent-EagleSpilornis cheela
49Bat HawkMacheiramphus alcinusSukau
50Wallace's Hawk-EagleNisaetus nanusSukau, Sepilok
51Blyth's Hawk-EagleNisaetus albonigerMt Trusmadi
52Changeable Hawk-EagleNisaetus cirrhatusMt Trusmadi, Sukau
53Rufous-bellied EagleLophotriorchis kieneriiSepilok
54Crested GoshawkAccipiter trivirgatusSukau
55Brahminy KiteHaliastur indusSukau
56White-bellied Sea-EagleHaliaeetus leucogasterSukau
57Lesser Fish-EagleHaliaeetus humilisSukau
58Grey-headed Fish-EagleHaliaeetus ichthyaetusSukau
59Oriental Bay-OwlPhodilus badiusSukauOne seen and another heard behind lodge
60Reddish Scops OwlOtus rufescensSukauUp to 2 heard
61Sunda Scops OwlOtus lempijiSepilok
62Barred Eagle OwlKetupa sumatranusMt Trusmadi2 birds feeding near moth traps
63Red-naped TrogonHarpactes kasumbaKlias
64Diard's TrogonHarpactes diardiiSepilok
65Whitehead's TrogonHarpactes whiteheadiMt Kinabalu2 birds near Silau Silau trail
66White-crowned HornbillBerenicornis comatusSukauTotal 5 birds seen at Sukau
67Helmeted HornbillBuceros vigilMt Trusmadi, SukauOne heard at Trusmadi, 2 seen and another heard at Sukau
68Rhinoceros HornbillBuceros rhinocerosSukau, Sepilok2 birds seen in Sukau
69Bushy-crested HornbillAnorrhinus galeritusSukau
70Black HornbillAnthracoceros malayanusSukau
71Oriental Pied-HornbillAnthracoceros albirostrisSukau
72Wreathed HornbillRhyticeros undulatusMt Trusmadi4 birds in total at Trusmadi
73Wrinkled HornbillRhabdotorrhinus corrugatusSukauOne flying past at Sukau
74Common KingfisherAlcedo atthisSukau
75Blue-eared KingfisherAlcedo menintingKlias, Sukau, Sepilok
76Rufous-backed Dwarf-KingfisherCeyx rufidorsa
77Stork-billed KingfisherPelargopsis capensisSukau
78Collared KingfisherTodiramphus chloris
79Red-bearded Bee-eaterNyctyornis amictusMt Trusmadi, Sepilok
80Blue-throated Bee-eaterMerops viridis
81Rainbow Bee-eaterMerops ornatusSukauOne at Sukau
82DollarbirdEurystomus orientalis
83Brown BarbetCaloramphus fuliginosus
84Blue-eared BarbetPsilopogon duvaucelii
85Bornean BarbetPsilopogon eximiusMt Trusmadi
86Red-crowned BarbetPsilopogon rafflesiiKlias
87Golden-naped BarbetPsilopogon pulcherrimusGunung Alab, Mt Kinabalu
88Mountain BarbetPsilopogon monticolaMt Trusmadi
89Gold-whiskered BarbetPsilopogon chrysopogonMt Trusmadi
90Sunda Pygmy WoodpeckerYungipicus moluccensisTanjung Aru, Sepilok
91Maroon WoodpeckerBlythipicus rubiginosusMt Trusmadi, Sepilok
92Buff-necked WoodpeckerMeiglyptes tukkiMt Trusmadi
93Buff-rumped WoodpeckerMeiglyptes tristisKlias
94Crimson-winged WoodpeckerPicus puniceusSepilok
95Banded WoodpeckerChrysophlegma miniaceumSepilok
96Great Slaty WoodpeckerMulleripicus pulverulentusSukau2 birds in Sukau
97White-bellied WoodpeckerDryocopus javensisSepilok2 birds at Sepilok
98White-fronted FalconetMicrohierax latifronsEnroute to TambunanUp to 3 near nesting site
99Long-tailed ParakeetPsittacula longicauda
100Blue-naped ParrotTanygnathus lucionensisTanjung Aru
101Blue-crowned Hanging-ParrotLoriculus galgulus
102Whitehead's BroadbillCalyptomena whiteheadiMt Kinabalu2 birds near Silau Silau trail
103Dusky BroadbillCorydon sumatranusMt TrusmadiHeard in bird hide
104Black-and-red BroadbillCymbirhynchus macrorhynchosSukau
105Banded BroadbillEurylaimus javanicusMt Trusmadi, SepilokHeard
106Black-and-yellow BroadbillEurylaimus ochromalusKlias, Sukau, Sepilok
107Black-crowned PittaErythropitta ussheriSepilokOne seen during the day, 2 more during night walk
108Bornean Banded-PittaHydrornis schwaneriMt TrusmadiOne male at bird hide, at least 2 more heard
109Hooded PittaPitta sordidaSukau, Sepilok
110Golden-bellied GerygoneGerygone sulphureaMt Trusmadi
111Grey-chinned MinivetPericrocotus solarisMt Kinabalu
112Sunda CuckooshrikeCoracina larvataMt Kinabalu
113Lesser CuckooshrikeLalage fimbriataKlias, Sepilok
114White-browed Shrike-BabblerPteruthius aeralatusMt Kinabalu
115Bornean WhistlerPachycephala hypoxanthaMt Kinabalu
116Black-and-crimson OrioleOriolus cruentusMt Trusmadi
117White-breasted WoodswallowArtamus leucorynchus
118Bar-winged Flycatcher-shrikeHemipus picatusMt Kinabalu
119Black-winged Flycatcher-shrikeHemipus hirundinaceus
120Rufous-winged PhilentomaPhilentoma pyrhopteraSepilok
121Bornean BristleheadPityriasis gymnocephalaSepilokHeard at Sepilok
122Green IoraAegithina viridissima
123Malaysian Pied-FantailRhipidura javanica
124White-throated FantailRhipidura albicollisMt Kinabalu
125Ashy DrongoDicrurus leucophaeusMt Trusmadi, Mt Kinabalu
126Greater Racket-tailed DrongoDicrurus paradiseus
127Black-naped MonarchHypothymis azurea
128Blyth's Paradise-FlycatcherTerpsiphone affinisMt TrusmadiHeard in bird hide
129Long-tailed ShrikeLanius schach
130Bornean Black MagpiePlatysmurus leucopterusSukau
131Bornean Green-MagpieCissa jefferyiOne seen flying across enroute
132Bornean TreepieDendrocitta cinerascensMt Kinabalu
133Slender-billed CrowCorvus encaSukau
134Grey-headed Canary-FlycatcherCulicicapa ceylonensisMt Trusmadi
135Dark-necked TailorbirdOrthotomus atrogularisMt Trusmadi
136Ashy TailorbirdOrthotomus ruficeps
137Rufous-tailed TailorbirdOrthotomus sericeusMt Trusmadi
138Yellow-bellied PriniaPrinia flaviventris
139Barn SwallowHirundo rustica
140Pacific SwallowHirundo tahitica
141Scaly-breasted BulbulRubigula squamataMt Trusmadi
142Bornean BulbulRubigula montisMt TrusmadiA few at Trusmadi
143Pale-faced BulbulPycnonotus leucopsMt KinabaluA few near Timpohon Gate
144Yellow-vented BulbulPycnonotus goiavier
145Olive-winged BulbulPycnonotus plumosus
146Cream-vented BulbulPycnonotus simplex
147Red-eyed BulbulPycnonotus brunneus
148Hairy-backed BulbulTricholestes crinigerSukau
149Hook-billed BulbulSetornis crinigerKliasUp to 3 birds at Klias
150Yellow-bellied BulbulAlophoixus phaeocephalusSepilok
151Grey-cheeked BulbulAlophoixus tephrogenysSepilok
152Penan BulbulAlophoixus ruficrissusMt Kinabalu
153Cinereous BulbulHemixos cinereusMt TrusmadiA few at Trusmadi
154Streaked BulbulIxos malaccensis
155Yellow-breasted WarblerPhylloscopus montisMt Kinabalu
156Mountain Leaf WarblerPhylloscopus trivirgatusMt Kinabalu
157Bornean StubtailUrosphena whiteheadiMt KinabaluHeard
158Yellow-bellied WarblerAbroscopus superciliarisPoring Hot Spring
159Mountain TailorbirdPhyllergates cucullatus
160Aberrant Bush WarblerHorornis flavolivaceusGunung Alab, Mt Kinabalu
161Chestnut-crested YuhinaStaphida everetti
162Pygmy White-eyeHeleia squamifronsMt Trusmadi, Mt KinabaluFairly common at Trusmadi and also heard at Zen Garden
163Black-capped White-eyeZosterops atricapillaMt Kinabalu
164Mountain Black-eyeZosterops emiliaeMt KinabaluA few near Timpohon Gate
165Bold-striped Tit-BabblerMixornis bornensis
166Fluffy-backed Tit-BabblerMacronus ptilosusKlias
167Grey-hooded BabblerCyanoderma bicolor
168Sunda Scimitar-BabblerPomatorhinus bornensisMt Trusmadi
169Grey-throated BabblerStachyris nigricepsMt Kinabalu
170Grey-headed BabblerStachyris poliocephalaMt TrusmadiA few at bird hide
171Black-throated Wren-BabblerTurdinus atrigularisSepilok
172Sooty-capped BabblerMalacopteron affineSukauHeard
173Black-capped BabblerPellorneum capistratumKlias, Sepilok
174Short-tailed BabblerPellorneum malaccenseMt Trusmadi
175Temminck's BabblerPellorneum pyrrogenysMt Trusmadi, Mt Kinabalu
176White-chested BabblerPellorneum rostratumSukau
177Mountain Wren-BabblerGypsophila crassaMt KinabaluOne seen briefly along Power Station Road, others heard
178Sunda LaughingthrushGarrulax palliatusGunung Alab, Mt Kinabalu
179Chestnut-hooded LaughingthrushPterorhinus treacheriGunung Alab, Mt Trusmadi, Mt Kinabalu
180Asian Glossy StarlingAplonis panayensis
181Common Hill MynaGracula religiosa
182Javan MynaAcridotheres javanicus
183Fruit-hunterChlamydochaera jefferyiMt KinabaluUp to 13 birds near Timpohon Gate!
184Asian Brown FlycatcherMuscicapa dauuricaMt Trusmadi
185Brown-streaked FlycatcherMuscicapa williamsoniSepilokAn adult with juvenile at Sepilok
186White-crowned ShamaCopsychus stricklandii
187Oriental Magpie-RobinCopsychus saularis
188Dayak Blue FlycatcherCyornis montanusMt TrusmadiOne male at bird hide
189Malaysian Blue FlycatcherCyornis turcosusSukau
190Fulvous-chested Jungle FlycatcherCyornis olivaceusPoring Hot SpringUp to 2 in Bamboo Garden
191Indigo FlycatcherEumyias indigoMt Kinabalu
192Bornean ShortwingBrachypteryx erythrogynaMt KinabaluOne male seen, others heard
193Bornean Whistling-ThrushMyophonus borneensisMt KinabaluOne along Power Station Road
194White-crowned ForktailEnicurus leschenaultiMt Trusmadi
195Bornean ForktailEnicurus borneensisMt Kinabalu2 seen along stream
196Snowy-browed FlycatcherFicedula hyperythraGunung Alab2 at bird hide
197Little Pied FlycatcherFicedula westermanniMt Kinabalu
198Yellow-rumped FlowerpeckerPrionochilus xanthopygiusMt Trusmadi
199Scarlet-breasted FlowerpeckerPrionochilus thoracicusKliasOne seen briefly, others heard
200Thick-billed FlowerpeckerDicaeum agileSepilokOne near entrance of RDC
201Orange-bellied FlowerpeckerDicaeum trigonostigma
202Black-sided FlowerpeckerDicaeum monticolumMt Kinabalu
203Scarlet-backed FlowerpeckerDicaeum cruentatum
204Ruby-cheeked SunbirdChalcoparia singalensisSepilok
205Plain SunbirdAnthreptes simplexSepilok
206Brown-throated SunbirdAnthreptes malacensis
207Red-throated SunbirdAnthreptes rhodolaemusSepilok
208Temminck's SunbirdAethopyga temminckiiMt Trusmadi, Mt Kinabalu
209Crimson SunbirdAethopyga siparaja
210Thick-billed SpiderhunterArachnothera crassirostrisSepilok
211Long-billed SpiderhunterArachnothera robustaMt KinabaluOne unusual record at Kinabalu Park HQ
212Little SpiderhunterArachnothera longirostra
213Whitehead's SpiderhunterArachnothera juliaeMt KinabaluHeard near Kinabalu Hall
214Yellow-eared SpiderhunterArachnothera chrysogenysMt Trusmadi
215Spectacled SpiderhunterArachnothera flavigasterKlias
216Bornean SpiderhunterArachnothera everettiMt Trusmadi
217Greater Green LeafbirdChloropsis sonneratiMt Trusmadi
218Lesser Green LeafbirdChloropsis cyanopogonSepilok
219Bornean LeafbirdChloropsis kinabaluensisMt TrusmadiOne female at Jungle Girl Camp
220Scaly-breasted MuniaLonchura punctulata
221Dusky MuniaLonchura fuscans
222Chestnut MuniaLonchura atricapilla
223Eurasian Tree SparrowPasser montanus
224Grey WagtailMotacilla cinerea


Kota Kinabalu - Hotel Shangri-La Kota Kinabalu
Mt Trusmadi - Trus Madi Entomology Camp
Mt Kinabalu - Zen Garden Resort, Kundasang
Sukau - Borneo Nature Lodge
Sepilok - Sepilok Jungle Resort

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