Sunday, 16 July 2017

More Landscape - Less Birds

A walk on Tai Mo Shan on Saturday morning produced very little. With the usuals up there and again no luck with the Grassbird, not even a single Francolin called that morning. Both Parrotbills and Brown-flanked Bush Warblers made it photography difficult, and a Pygmy Wren Babbler came extremely close without revealing itself. The heavy mist and a few heavy showers didn't really help much either.

The only bird that came out of the tall grass to generously meet me was a very curious immature Plain Prinia, which was obviously interested with my pishing - a trick that doesn't normally work very well in Hong Kong.

Plain Prinia - immature

A skulker in form of a Chinese Hwamei decided to let me get a half decent view, as it sang constantly within a low tree, I managed to find a small opening and managed a record shot. These prolific songsters are popular caged birds in much of China and Hong Kong, where people keep them for their beautiful song. Their song is powerful and varied and is a signature sound of the hill side of Hong Kong.

Chinese Hwamei

I counted over 40 Large-billed Crows near the car park, congregating in good numbers. You will often see them perched above the roads and coming down onto the tarmac to pick up the road kills.

Large-billed Crow

Much lower down, I got a male Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker that decided to come down lower for me to take a few photos. Nothing brilliant, as half of it's signature "scarlet back" is still missing, but these colourful little guys are still a joy to look at every time.

Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker - male

The mist lifted slightly as I descended, and I was rewarded with some pretty spectacular views, with a rainbow bowing over the hills overlooking New Territories. My 500mm lens allowed me to snap some landscape at an interesting angle. Yup, Hong Kong is a beautiful place indeed.


  1. Love the views of Deep Bay, etc.

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