Sunday 25 December 2016

Blue Magpies - Work Distraction!

Red-billed Blue Magpie - a stunner

If you ask me what is the most colourful and impressive looking bird species in Hong Kong, I probably would answer Fairy Pitta; that's quite obvious. But, if you ask me what is the most colourful and impressive looking RESIDENT bird species, then the title probably will goes to Red-billed Blue Magpies, or Blue Magpies as we usually call them. Their colourful plumage, large size and long tails really make them centre for attention.

They really are quite common, although not a bird that you see on an every day basis unless you're in an area where they occur regularly, but you will see them every now and then gliding across roads while you're on the bus, or hear their cheery and very noisy calls on a tall tree in the park. It just so happens that a flock of these awesome looking magpies lives right where I work, so I have the privilege to pretty much see them everyday. It ALSO just so happens that I got my camera with me this day, and upon hearing their noisy calls I went up to the second floor to try get some decent shots.

Kai Yip estate in the background

And decent shots I got! The group were not shy and gave excellent views. As I was a floor up, I had situated myself right at eye-level with these impressive looking birds. Tt was perfect conditions for photography, as you really need the right lighting for their bluish purple sheen to really show through!

I enjoyed great views for over ten minutes before they decided to move on and make noise somewhere else. A very good show from my very good neighbour! Bad thing about having them at your work place is that they really distract you from your work on hand...I better get some earplugs soon.

They have successfully distracted me from my work...

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