Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Tristram's Bunting - Local patch speciality

A walk at Tai Po Kau in the morning was not very productive, although good birds were recorded by others, I didn't encounter none of those! Sulpher-breasted Warbler and White-spectacled Warbler were both seen by other birders, I only heard the Bay Woodpecker today, which was pretty active.

My Father thought he saw a few Tristram's Buntings while he went for a run at the jogging trail. So, after lunch and a quick nap, I headed out to see if I could find anything interesting at our local patch. It didn't take long before I saw a small flock of at least seven Tristram's Buntings feeding on the ground, but they were quite skittish and went straight into cover upon seeing me. It took a while before they came back out feeding again and I managed to take a few shots of these pretty Buntings. This species had long been a winter speciality at Wonderland Villas, back a few years we also had quite a few of those and they attracted quite a lot of photographers and birders.

Tristram's Bunting

Wonderland Villas had been quite quiet in recent years, and I am glad that things have picked up the pace slightly this year. In the few hours along the trial and the gully, I had four Red-flanked Bluetail, one Daurian Redstart, Grey-backed Thrush, Japanese Thrush, Asian Stubtail Warbler, Chestnut Bulbuls. Finally, I had an Eurasian Woodcock along the gully, although it spotted me before I spotted it and it flew away before I could reach for my camera...unfortunate but still a decent record for my local patch!

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