Monday, 25 January 2016

Swift and Brief

Right after the "Big Freeze" in Hong Kong, where most of the region experienced low temperatures, higher areas such as Tai Mo Shan and incidentally where I live experienced sub-zero air temperature. This freakish weather had left it's mark and many tropical plants planted outside were all blacked, birds were also affected in that the insufficient amount of insects meant many couldn't gain enough energy during the sudden harsh weather, many birders reported dead birds which unfortunately could not make it. It was fortunate that such harsh weather only lasted for a few days.

Frozen Hong Kong!

A change in weather meant things warmed up slightly. Just happened to pass by Kam Tin, where a female Mandarin Duck had been reported earlier in the week. Too bad it wasn't there today. However a large flock of House Swifts were flying about next to the MTR station. The light was just right and they were all flying very low, a perfect opportunity to get some decent inflight shots! I have always been quite reluctant in taking flight shots of swifts, it's usually hard work and chasing these swifty little birds zooming about can be frustrating. But, having observed the flock with a fairly constant flight line, I was determine to at least try and get a few good shots of this species. The results were much better then expected!

House Swift

Quite pleased with the results, I headed briefly to Shek Kong Airfield to check if the Rosefinches are still there. Unfortunately, only the female remained and the males were nowhere to be seen. Better then none though.

Common Rosefinch - female

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