Friday, 14 August 2015

Autumn Migration - First sign of hope!

After a long long pause of birding, there is finally hope! I have been quite busy with work and weather's been way too hot to do any serious walking. I have been wanted to go watch the terns but simply couldn't find time and I try to avoid the weekend crowds. I saw a few Black-naped Terns from Sai Kung pier two weeks ago though, they seems to be doing well this year. There's also been a Lesser Frigate bird around Sai Kung pier lately, but again the crowds really put me off.

Yesterday, I wasn't really birding but actually out working at Pak Sha O in Sai Kung, mainly for a pre-trip with Dickson Wong, a spider expert and nature guide. He will be helping us out for our "A Living Space" book launch, guiding a nature tour around Pak Sha O.

Heading into Pak Sha O we encountered a bird wave, mainly consists of Cinerous Tits and a few White-eyes. I immediately recognize a familiar flash of rufous brown, it could only be an Asian Paradise Flycatcher. The bird only showed briefly and was too quick for me to snap any photographs, but I was very happy to see it, like an oasis in a desert! This will be one of the first bunch of autumn migrants, I usually don't see them until late August or early September. Here is a photo from a few years back, taken in September.

This can only mean more migrants will follow soon, I better dust my binoculars ready...

Asian Paradise Flycatcher

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