Monday, 13 April 2015

Back in Town! - Hainan Blue Flycatcher

Was working at Pak Sha O today, and came across my first Hainan Blue Flycatcher of the year! A beautiful male singing in the forest. As I didn't have my 7D with me, the Canon SX60 HS will have to do, the focusing on the camera is however very poor in such lighting, but a video record never the less.

Hainan Blue Flycatchers are beautiful songsters, and during the Summer months the forest is filled with their melodic songs. They are one of the few species that actually migrates to Hong Kong to breed. Unfortunately, due to their beautiful songs and their beautifully coloured plumage, they are subjected to heavy trapping and can be seen at caged birds markets very often. To make up for the terrible video, a better photograph of the bird from last Spring, taken at Tai Po Kau.

Hainan Blue Flycatcher

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